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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Get to Work!

Ok, maybe I'm the only one, but I've never been one to love a parade. Sure, I understand them, I've been in them, I've even had to watch a few. But, I don't really enjoy them so much. I certainly understand the hoopla surrounding the inauguration today, especially with the historic significance of President Obama's ascendency. BUT, I cringe when I think about how much money is spent on these kinds of events. Of course, businesses profit a great deal, which is good for everyone, to a point.

While the celebrations were going on, bank stocks took a huge tumble. Big players like Bank of America (down 29% today) and Royal Bank of Scotland (down 69% today) were hard hit. President Obama has rightly made the economy his number one priority. I look forward to an aggressive and coordinated set of actions to bring on the recovery.

Did I mention that I'm working on my tax return? I suppose that at least I won't have much capital gains to report (I've never considered that good news!). Always good to try to keep a sense of humor. Reminds me of the food shortage during Expedition 10, when E9 ate our stuff. Salizhan and I joked about it, as a way to cope. Maybe it will be funny one day, but not yet!


Leroy Chiao

PS: Oh, and it looks like Mike Griffin is officially retired from NASA, as of today. Piers owes me a dollar!


Space Pete said...

I watched the inauguration on TV from here in England. Barack Obama has been sworn in a second time since, as he slipped up and said his vows in the wrong order. I saw a bit of the parade on TV, and saw NASA's new LER performing in front of Obama (apparently not to appeal for funding)! I don't mind watching parades on TV, but I hate actually being there also, having too many people there spoil them for me.

I hope President Obama can act quickly & effectively and "nip the recession in the bud", so to speak. Action needs to be taken now, before the economic situation spins so far out of control that measures to control it become infective.
Over here in England, although the recession is constantly in the media, nobody I know actually seems to be affected too much. People are of course, reigning in their spending, but I wouldn't say that anyone I have seen is necessarily "struggling".

And as for the food shortage during Ex.10, I thought expedition crews typically leave food behind for other crews, not eat into their supplies!


Capt. David said...

It will be interesting to see what direction NASA will take now that Griffin's history, and "Direct" is getting Media attention.

David L. Rickman