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Devon Island Expedition
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Get to Work!

Ok, maybe I'm the only one, but I've never been one to love a parade. Sure, I understand them, I've been in them, I've even had to watch a few. But, I don't really enjoy them so much. I certainly understand the hoopla surrounding the inauguration today, especially with the historic significance of President Obama's ascendency. BUT, I cringe when I think about how much money is spent on these kinds of events. Of course, businesses profit a great deal, which is good for everyone, to a point.

While the celebrations were going on, bank stocks took a huge tumble. Big players like Bank of America (down 29% today) and Royal Bank of Scotland (down 69% today) were hard hit. President Obama has rightly made the economy his number one priority. I look forward to an aggressive and coordinated set of actions to bring on the recovery.

Did I mention that I'm working on my tax return? I suppose that at least I won't have much capital gains to report (I've never considered that good news!). Always good to try to keep a sense of humor. Reminds me of the food shortage during Expedition 10, when E9 ate our stuff. Salizhan and I joked about it, as a way to cope. Maybe it will be funny one day, but not yet!


Leroy Chiao

PS: Oh, and it looks like Mike Griffin is officially retired from NASA, as of today. Piers owes me a dollar!

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year, New Directions

2009 is firmly underway! In the next few days, the new US President will take power, government officials, including the current NASA Administrator, will resign, and everything will change.

How will 2009 be different for you? Many of the people I know felt that 2008 was a pretty lousy year. For me, it was mixed, but I can't complain. I am however, like everyone, looking forward to a better year. Prognosticators have been saying that the world economic situation will not improve much during 2009, although there is hope that the absolutely huge bailout/stimulus packages will help to keep things from getting much worse.

So why is there optimism in the air? Maybe just because there is certainty that change will happen in 2009. Many folks just want to put last year behind them. Who knows? Maybe this will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Leroy Chiao