Devon Island Expedition

Devon Island Expedition
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Memorial to the Space Shuttle Challenger Crew

Inukshuks are a part of Inuit culture. They are used to mark trails and also points of significance. Two years ago, Keith and others built an Inukshuk to honor the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia. On this expedition, we created an Inukshuk near the Columbia memorial with the help of some of the Inuit who are currently at the HMP.

We are shown with a Challenger Center flag and an Explorers Club flag in front of the completed Inukshuk. It is appropriate that these memorials be built here on Devon Island. What a great way to remember these crews, who gave their lives in the pursuit of space exploration. Here at HMP, research and testing work will help further exploration of the cosmos as we reach out past low earth orbit to the moon and on to Mars!

Leroy Chiao

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